Thursday, March 13, 2014

Short Info

Hi all,

just wanted to let you all know that due to RL i couldnt release anything in the past months.

In fact i might a bit more time as i lost my mother in January totally unexpected and
therefore im hardly in the mood to concentrate on business. But im sure there will be
some in the future.

I just ask for being patient and thank you for your loyality to my little business.

Wish you all well.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

In case youre confused... the name Cytos SolAthan showing as Author of all the posts, i had some weird difficulties going on with this blog and needed to create a new account and move blog rights abck and forth.

Hopefully now should be all again in the future posted under the right name Cale Alcott.

Seems new year started a little bit messy. Anyway hope you all still follow my Blog and for that i want to say thank you!

Cale Alcott

NEW: Alpha Male Skin "The Predator" By Bad@zz

Master Source from Bad@zz just recently hit the shelves with a new skin,  called the Predator! And it comes in a lot of Skintones, covering all needs from normal human to RP characters like Vampires.

 Here is what he wrote about the "normal" skin tone:

"The Predator" is a new skin release by bad@zz, offering the true look of an alpha male. An extremely strong expression and a rugged facial features show true dominance in the male hierarchy. The "predator" skin is for those men out there looking for a skin that makes them look strong and masculine, instead of cute and boyish, like most male skins out there. Be the man women actually want, instead of the ones they might think they want.

2 skintones: Instead of just geting 1 skintone, ther are 2 skintones included for the regular bad@zz price of 1 skintone.

This purchase includes:
- Tan (a tan , bronzed look) and Mocha (slightly lighter than "tan" and not bronzed)
 You can find the Marketplace Listing HERE!

The LIGHT PACK includes the Skintones Extrapale, Pale and Nougat.
You can find the Marketplace Listing HERE!

And for the Fantasy Roleplay Fans a special Pack with the Skintones:
1. The Drow = Dark Grey With white eyebrows (see pictures)
2. Vampire Grey = A light grey-whitish Skin (see pictures)
3. Vampire Pale = A regular greyish Human Skin (see pictures)
4. Grey = A middle grey skin usable for other (see pictures) characters such as mutants, aliens, fantasy creatures..etc
 You can find the Marketplace Listing HERE!

 Related Products of this Skin will offer you the option to buy also Shapes in many variants.

As usual a big I LIKE! So go and convince yourself!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013


20% off on EVERYTHING at House of Alcott!

How does it work:

Enjoy Shopping here!

All purchases from today (15th Decemeber 12.00 PST SL TIME) on
til 24th December 12.00 PST SL TIME will get a refund of 20%!


Name the Notecard like this:  YOUR NAME - LAST MINUTE CHRISTMAS SALE

Please include all the Transaction Details, otherwise i will not be able to refund you 20% and make sure you wrote your right SL Name as Sender
(no display name please, as this gets sometimes wrong)

Wish you happy shopping , happy christmas and a happy new year!

Cale Alcott
House of Alcott


Got to the Second Life Website, log in and click on the left side on Account
(under the Home Button).
Then select TRANSACTION HISTORY , select a date range and then copy post
the Transaction Detail of your Purchase into the Notecard.

Monday, November 11, 2013

A new Fantasy Outfit: The Shaman!

Thank you for your interest in this Outfit!

This Set containts:

a Hood, a Shoulder Belt with Hood part, a Belt for Pants, Pants on Pants Layer,
a Thong, Shoulder Armor, two upper Armbands, two upper Legbands

For those who are having difficulties to resize there is script. Just put it into the linkset and click it for getting a menu.

Inworld and on Marketplace available!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

New Silks for Boys! Fresh from Heaven, the ANGEL ICARUS Outfit!

New Silks for Boys! Fresh from Heaven, the ANGEL ICARUS Outfit!
Just in Time for the coming Christmas Time, be an angel for your special one!
Now in Store and Marketplace!

Available in 6 Colors: Aqua, Black, Blue, Green Blue, Fire and White:

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Colorupdate for Hawk Armor Outfit!

Ive been busy and made two Color Updates for the Hawk Armor Outfit, a nice Red one and a Black one. Check out the Mainstore or Marketplace!