Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The Arched Library

The Arched Library is made out of Mesh Parts which are combined in two Linksets plus Doors and Light Projectors. The Footprint is 26x26m, Landimpact combined at 209. The Building comes in a Rezzer Box. Permissions are Copy / Mod / No Transfer, the No Mod shown is due to the permission restriction of the Script, Building itself is Modify.

Can be found HERE!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

HopScotch and House of Alcott: The Gentleman's Chair

This is the first collaboration item between HopScotch and House of Alcott: The Gentleman's Chair
This chair comes with tons of options!
- 10 static poses
The poses and positions are adjusted to work with Niramyth's Aesthetic body, but with a little adjustment of the position it works with the regular body and surely some mesh bodies as well. Adjustments in position can be made via the [ADJUST] menu of the chair.
Pose 8 and 10 make it possible to seat 2 avatars at the same time for a lovely picture if you want to pose with a friend. Avatar 2 needs his own pose tho.
- HUD Driven:
-- 14 Leather textures
-- 6 Leg wood textures
-- 3 Stud Metal Textures
To fit into any kind of setting and your personal style.
If you don't mind static poses in your furniture it can make a great piece for your house.
Chair itself is Mod//Copy (It says no mod because of the scripts inside which are no mod)
HUD is Copy only

You can TEST it HERE! <- HopScotch Mainstore!

You can get it HERE!

A Product Review: Adam Edelstein Couture AESTHETIC BOSS 2.0 R,G,B - Customizable Mesh Suit

I am seldom so bothered by an item, but this time i seriously felt i need  this to get out of my system, anyhow this reflects MY opinion:

So a few days ago i decided to get the Adam Edelstein Couture AESTHETIC BOSS 2.0 R,G,B - Customizable Mesh Suit, see MP Listing here.

I read it got recommended by lots of people, so i went to the Inworld Store. My first complain is, that
the DEMO available was offered for 1 LD, which i consider these days as an unfitting business behavior. Many may say it's just 1LD, but then again, considering the product price of 1990 LD, asking to pay a Linden for a demo is ridiculous in my opinion.

The next thing i consider fail is that the demo is a fullbody Suit and textured in a dark fabric (black it is, how convenient for not being able to see the actually shadowing) what brings me to the next point. The Shadowing is actually awkward for a suit, especially if you make the fabric texture lightcolored. Also the details seem to me a bit fast done and unfinished. The seams at the back of the arms are really fuzzy odd looking. You had also no chance to see that with the demo as there was no colorhud to check out, just the plain black fabric textured version.

The only positive things i think the suit has is the cut of it and the idea of the colorhud giving endless options.

The price of 1990 LD is not justified in my opinion, others might see it different, that's fine, tho it is not mine.

I personally will not buy again there, as it it currently overpriced for what you get.

Pictures below with being the whitest you can get it with the HUD to see the shadowing:
(Only Pants and Jacket, Shirt and Vest i left red for contrast)

Saturday, March 19, 2016

New Release for Aesthetic by Niramyth: Adonis Boxer

Get here!

Get here!

Get here!
New Releases: Adonis Boxers in either Creme or Beige with 4 Waistband Designs or as
Fatpack with all 8 Boxers.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

New Release: Leather Pants in Two Tone Design with Leg Deco Patch for Aesthetic

Leather Pants in Two Tone Design with Leg Deco Patch for Aesthetic by Niramyth

See Item here.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

St. Patrick's Day Releases for Aesthetic by Niramyth

New Releases for St. Patrick's Day for Aesthetic by Niramyth - can be found here:

Friday, January 15, 2016

Niramyth Aesthetic Valentiens Day Boxers 5 Versions Pack


These Valentines Day Boxers are for the Niramyth Aesthetic Mesh Body only. Within this Pack you will find 5 Versions of Boxers: 1 Red to White, 1 Purple, 1 Pink, 1 White and 1 Red