Wednesday, October 22, 2014

New Release! The Desert Village!

Thanks for your interest and welcome!

This build is a small Desert Village and can a modular system. The base is made the way you can place a copy next it and if necessary mod some bits and pieces.

This Building/Scene is made out of Mesh mainly and uses a few normal Prims and Sculpties. Due to the different Prim Objects there are different Link-Sets and the Build uses the Rez Faux System.

The Landimpact is 407 ( 742 Prims used )  and the Footprint has a Size of 64*64m.

As usual the Build is mod/copy/no transfer.
(No Mod showing is due to scripts, objects are mod)

Build can be found Inworld in the Residence Rezzer,
just look for ! Desert Village.

Enjoy and have a good time,

Cale Alcott
House of Alcott

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

New Social Media Platform YOULIZER

I want to introduce you a new Social Media Platform and quote some words about it:

 -=Youlizer - the new SL friendly social media by Ramses Meredith=-

Hello, all!

As many of you may already know Facebook deletes accounts which aren't in line with the real information rule (SL avatar accounts, fictional characters, etc.).  You may also know some people that have made "alternative" social networks for Second Life that haven't turned out to be very successful.

Why did the others fail?  Because the main focus was to earn money from it, rather than to invest money to create a good system. Egoisme has invested to create a professional SL friendly social network.

We have implemented the system to be expandable, modular and accessible from smartphones, tablets, and how you can connect to the web.  We make sure your privacy and data security are kept safe.
<quote end>

Being myself a victim of Facebooks Deleting Storm of SL Facebooks Accounts i actually right away stepped over to the new youlizer. I do believe this can be an awesome alternative and very useful for all Second Life Users. So lets make this a big successs.

 Click this >>>   YOULIZER

Monday, October 13, 2014

Serena Pumpkin Patch Event from 17th Oct til 31st Oct

Serena Estates is the Land Company i have my Shop on and they are organising a Halloween Event:


All the Designers, including me, are offering up to 15 Products for a discounted price.

I decided to set up 14 products with a 20% discount and ONLY THERE you will be able to get the discounted products.

Where?  HERE! <--- Location!  ;)

I think i gonna be nice and give you an overview of the discounted products:

my newest Building release: Castle Jelani
Mens Fantasy Outfit: Shaman Outfit
Mens Fantasy Outfit: Crusader Outfit
Mens Fantasy Outfit: Apollo Dark Blue
Mens Fantasy Outfit: Lionguard Outfit
Mens Fantasy Outfit: Hawk Armor Brown
Mens Fantasy Outfit: Hawk Armor Black
Mens Fantasy Outfit: Hawk Armor Red
Mens Fantasy Outfit: Herne The Hunter Four Seasons (thats the fatpack)
Mens Fantasy Outfit: Worker Silks Boys
Mens Fantasy Outfit: Native Silks Boys
Mens Fantasy Outfit: Angel Icarus White Silks Boys
Mens Fantasy Outfit: Inca Silks Red Boys
and at least one product for the Girls: Inca Silks Red Girls

Saturday, October 11, 2014

New Castle Jelani

Thank you for your interest in our product.

Welcome to the Castle Jelani! ( Jelani means "mighty" in Swahili. )

This Castle is made out of Normal Prims, Mesh Parts and Sculpts, therefore and
because of its size its using a Rez Faux System.


Important Stats: 531 Land Impact. 60 x 81m footprint.
The Building itself is Mod/Copy, but no Transfer.
The 'No Mod' showed at the Box is because of the Rez Faux System Scripts.
Once Rezzed the Building can be copied and modified to your liking.

There is much so see in this Castle, there is a Courtyard, a big main structure with a lot of rooms, a Guardhouse, Office rooms, a walkaround way, Stairs leading down
into a cellar/small dungeon  room. The best is to take a look by yourself.

I hope you enjoy your new castle!


The Marketplace Listing contains more Pictures, but best is anyway to see it Inworld HERE.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

New Library in Tudor Rustic Style Round

Thank you for your interest in our product.

This Library Scribery is build out of 36 prim and is fully linked.
Base Size is app. 22*22m

The Building itself is Mod/Copy, but no Transfer. Once Rezzed the Building can be copied and modified to your liking.

Due to its Design it can be used even for other purposes,  The Options are many, use it as a Shop, a Tavern, a Club, what else is up to your ideas!

Marketplace LINK

Inworld LINK

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Short Info

Hi all,

just wanted to let you all know that due to RL i couldnt release anything in the past months.

In fact i might a bit more time as i lost my mother in January totally unexpected and
therefore im hardly in the mood to concentrate on business. But im sure there will be
some in the future.

I just ask for being patient and thank you for your loyality to my little business.

Wish you all well.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

In case youre confused... the name Cytos SolAthan showing as Author of all the posts, i had some weird difficulties going on with this blog and needed to create a new account and move blog rights abck and forth.

Hopefully now should be all again in the future posted under the right name Cale Alcott.

Seems new year started a little bit messy. Anyway hope you all still follow my Blog and for that i want to say thank you!

Cale Alcott